Social Media Strategy and Management

In 2022, the amount of time adults use on social media across all platforms was higher than ever before – more than an hour and a half a day, according to Sprout Social. Maintaining a social media presence is one of the most essential steps in cultivating new leads. Social media provides an opportunity to directly connect with potential customers, and a way to optimize your content to appear directly in front of your target audience. Retargeting ads, which use a person’s search history and views to recommend social media advertisements, are the most used among marketers, with 77% of B2B and B2C marketers utilizing these ads on Facebook and Instagram. As a social media manager, I am able to produce social media posts and editorial calendar that optimizes your social media posts to the times your audience is most active.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your web presence to appear higher in Google’s search results for certain keywords in your industry. There are hundreds of different variables that go into how google ranks your websites, and an SEO specialist can help increase your website’s traffic and rankings. For example, if you want to appear at the top of Google’s search results for “dog beds for arthritic dogs”, SEO services can help a website that is already engineered well achieve this. My portfolio showcases businesses’ and brands I’ve worked with.

Complete Digital Marketing Strategy and Management

In all businesses, small and family-owned or large and corporate, marketing is essential to driving visitors to your website and generating leads. Digital marketing is the most effective method of inbound marketing, a strategy that hopes to draw your target buyer to your product rather than sharing your message with as many as possible. Inbound marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional paid marketing methods, according to Hubspot. As a digital marketing specialist, I am able to examine your business and target buyer persona to create and implement an effective digital strategy, consisting of key services listed above. 


Blog Writing

A blog is one of the single most important parts of a digital marketing strategy, because it not only increases your reliability and trustworthiness in your industry, but also provides your website with further chances to increase search ranking results on key target areas. 80% of bloggers report that blogging drives results – this is because there are few other strategies that offer multiple key advantages!

For example, if you own a hair salon, releasing blog posts on how to care for different types of hair or the latest haircutting techniques is a good strategy. These pages provide more text for Google to rank your website on, increasing your rankings for targeted searches, as well as provide social media content to post, increase your reliability and trust with your audience, and provide another point of contact to close leads into sales.

Content Creation

77% of online marketers describe content creation, such as blog posts, video tutorials, and other informative content, as their most effective SEO tactic. However, in order to save costs, some businesses will produce content themselves, but they may still need specific content created and not an entire advertising operation. Examples include:

  • Update shop listing description to entice purchasing and optimize for SEO
  • Writing an interesting and engaging About Me
  • Designing a business card or other social media design such as a cover photo or price list
  • Recording and editing of a video tutorial for YouTube
  • All kinds of other unique projects you might have!

Article Writing

As a journalist, I am passionate about writing articles that resonate with readers and make actionable societal changes. My portfolio showcases some of the stories that I have worked on in the past that resonate with my values as a journalist. I’ve written on subjects such as mental health and sexual assault in college students, drug and alcohol abuse, personal narratives about my own experiences, and other subjects.