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Club Q survivor is “happy to be alive”

Ed Sanders said he is smiling because he is “happy to be alive” after being shot twice during the deadly Colorado Springs shooting at Club Q on November 19, 2022.

Club Q: Shooting before Transgender Remembrance Day

The Club Q shooting rocked the LGBTQ community in Colorado Springs, leaving many scared and confused. One mother recounts how her daughter had planned to go to Club Q the night of the shooting, but changed her mind.

Suddenly, she was thrust into motherhood

At 19, I never expected to become mother to three young boys. In this personal narrative, I explore what it was like to become a mother of three overnight.

A photo of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles at the Jacksonville Convention in 2017.

A Salute to Supernatural


An ode to Supernatural, the longest running American live-action fantasy TV series and my favorite television show that helped me through some of the most difficult points in my life.

Colorado Springs teacher awarded $6,500 by Ent.

In honor of their 65th anniversary, Ent. Credit Union has been awarding one teacher a month with $6,500 across Southern Colorado. This month, it was a local kindergarten Colorado Springs teacher. Photo credit to FOX21 News.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo reports a healthy baby giraffe


Cheyenne Mountain Zoo reported a healthy baby born on October 19th. Since her birth, there has been no need for intervention or care. Photo credit to FOX21 News.

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